In its own workshops in Kathmandu, Sennah meets all your expectations for custom made carpets.

authenticity of handmade work

The handmade is at each step of the making: carding, yarn manufacturing, knotting, finishing, to preserve the authenticity of a work increasingly rare. Our weavers, thanks to their know-how and their experience, ensure you exceptional carpets.


longest carpet
biggest carpet
in one carpet, 85 basic colors giving 240 color blends
knots in a single carpet

Our achievements

Due to professional secrecy we are not allowed to quote our most prestigious clients and to show some of our achievements.

Below a selection of our most beautiful achievements.

Carpet for a villa in the USA

We realized two carpets for this villa in the United States by internationally renowned architects William McDonough and William Sofield.

A carpet of 6m x 21.5m (129sqm) and a carpet of 6m x 6m, made of wool.

(opposite, picture of the outside of the villa)

Carpet elephant

Reproduction of a stencil wallpaper made for the Manufacture Zuber & Cie.

Carpet by Chantal LEANDRI

Reproduction of two paintings on canvas by Chantal LEANDRI, painter from the south of France. “Histoire de bleus” and “Camargue”, we made the carpets from her paintings, at her request.

Carpet by Aude van Eeckhout Frey

Reproduction of two paintings on canvas by Aude van Eeckhout Frey.

Carpets made for a yacht

Three carpets made for a yacht in Marseille.

Carpet by Rachid KORAICHI et Marcel HASQUIN

Reproduction of three rugs from the works of Messrs. Rachid Koraïchi and Marcel Hasquin.

Our engagements

  • Unique pieces, designed and made to measure.
  • Longevity and solidity
  • Guarantee of professional secrecy
  • Easy to maintain, all carpets are washed with plenty of water
  • Speed and mastery, in our own workshop in Kathmandu, deadlines will be respected until delivery by air transport.