Due to professional secrecy we are not allowed to quote our most prestigious clients and to show some of our achievements.

But among the “records” of SENNAH, we can quote:

  • 12m x 15m natural wool and silk carpet, 180 m2 with 124,000 knots per m², or around 22,320,000 knots.
  • 3m x 7m natural wool and silk rug, 21m2 with 348,700 knots per square meter, or about 8,137,500 knots, consisting of 85 base colors giving over 240 color combinations.
  • Viscose carpet, 4.14 m x 7.26 m (30.06 m²)
  • Natural silk and viscose carpet, 4.34mx 8.46m, (36.71 m²)
  • 2 cotton and viscose carpets, 5.75mx 8.45cm, (48.58 m²)
  • Cotton and viscose carpet, 5.75 mx 6.30 m (36.22 m²)
  • Natural silk, wool and hemp carpet, 5.45 mx 6.55 m, (35.70 m²)
  • Natural silk and banana silk carpet, 5.35 mx 7.65 m (40.93 m²)

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